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Take advantage of a flexible, powerful platform that can solve practically any access control
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Remote Access/VPN

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Remote Desktop/VDI

Frequently used in place of VPN remote access. Enforce strong access for users or administrators to reduce unauthorized access.

Single Sign On

Simplify identity management and user experience by allowing a single set of credentials to access mulitple connected systems. Combine with Multifactor Authentication to increase security.

SAAS/Cloud Applications

Many organizations are taking advantage of off-premise solutions like Google Apps, Salesforce and Office 365. Secure access with MFA and SSO.

Workstation Security

Distributed data may be exposed on portable computers. MFA can help secure access, persistent user awareness can further protect data by locking workstations and encrypting files.

Server Security

If data is the lifeblood of your organization, servers are the muscle. Protect access to console, RDP and SSH with centralized MFA.

Infrastructure Access

Core infrastructure supports and protects your entire environment. Secure access to switches, routers, firewalls and more without hampering productivity.

Custom Applications

Leverage RADIUS, SAML or API integrations to extend fast, simple, secure access to custom applications. Contact us to explore options.

Legacy Applications

Use credential management to secure access to legacy applications where direct integration isn’t feasible. Users can generate, save and share complex passwords to streamline secure access.

Credential Sharing

Sometimes users need to share accounts. Give them an easy way to avoid insecure password sharing via IM, email and file sharing. Integrated password sharing allows users to securely share and update passwords with each other.

Password Management

Passwords are not going away any time soon. Allow your users to easily generate, save and use complex passwords to maximize security when multifactor protection is not available.

User Self Service

With over 10k customers, WPLMS is the top selling WordPress Education theme of all time in Education sector.

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We are building a world in which automation can improve both security and user experience
at the same time, with an array of flexible approaches to allow additional protection
where it once seemed impractical.

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