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What we do.  How we do it.

At our core, we are a hybrid solution that combines four key access control technologies into one flexible, elegant package.

Multifactor Authentication

Increase security by decreasing the risk of compromised credentials.

Soft Tokens

Users can select from a variety of secondary factors including agent, mobile, and code to SMS or email.

Key Device

TransAuth Agent uses a unique Proximity-based awareness to protect workstation access and reduce friction.


Our Patent-pending technology enhances our already-superior user experience and limits attacker reconnaissance on public-facing systems.

Single Sign On

Reduce identity sprawl and password fatigue by giving users a single identity.


Protect off-premise applications and services by using federation standards like SAML and ADFS.

Remote Access

Grant fast, secure access to VPN, RDP and VDI with Multifactor Single Sign On. Users are only a few clicks away from protected systems.


Simplify administrative access to critical infrastructure like routers, switches and firewalls using RADIUS.

Credential Management

Passwords are still one of the most flexible single factors available.

Password Management

Generate, store and recall strong passwords for any system with the Agent’s integrated password manager.

Password Sharing

Shared accounts pose additional risks due to insecure sharing practices. Keep passwords safe by using integrated password sharing.

Password Self-Service 

Reduce helpdesk calls by allowing users to reset and recover locked or forgotten passwords directly from their login screen with TransPASS.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoints represent the broadest surface area of any organization.

Login Security

Secure access to laptops, desktops and servers with the manual or automatic multifactor authentication.

Proximity Awareness

Prevent unattended workstations from posing a threat to sensitive resources by enabling proximity locking.

Data Encryption

Use TransCrypt to protect sensitive data by automatically encrypting files when the user is not present.

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