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Multi-Access Multi-factor

Fast, secure access to almost any system, platform or application with a few clicks or taps.

True Single Sign On

Use one secure account to access to almost any integrated, federated or legacy application

Flexible Factors

Select from a variety of flexible verification options to cover a wide array of users and needs.

Hardware Free

No required hardware means no replacement costs and fewer things to carry.

Unlimited Tokens

Users can create and use as many Key Devices or tokens as they need, no additional charge.

Integrated Credential Management

Give users an easy and secure way to generate, use and share passwords for legacy systems.

Secure Password Sharing

Prevent shared account misuse by allowing users to securely exchange credentials with approved users.


Let machine automation reduce hassle and improve security at the same time.


Stop session-based attacks with persistent, real-time validation of users’ Key Devices.


Key Device proximity awareness can secure logins and automate logoff when users forget.


Our innovative TransCodes further improve user experience and eliminate account enumeration attacks.


Protect sensitive files on portable computers with automatic encryption.


Give users the power to reset their account passwords right from their login screen.

Offline Support

Avoid being locked out when you don’t have a signal with offline access codes.

Fast Login

Minimize productivity losses by reducing login time as much as 1500%


See how TransAuth measures up to the competition.

Feature TransAuth Token Mobile Push SMS USB
Remote Access Including VPN, VDI and RDP
Infrastructure telnet/SSH access to routers, switches, firewalls and other core infrastructure
Server Access Protect access to physical and virtual servers (Windows and Linux)
Workstation Access Protect acccess to the end-user machine, desktop, laptop or virtual
Single Sign On Supports common federation standards like SAML and ADFS
Smartphone Support Solution allows use of common Smart Phone devices running iOS, Android or Windows Mobile
Feature Phone Support Solution allows use of basic feature mobile devices (non-smartphones)
Land Line Support Solution works with traditional landline (hardwired) phones
One-Step Verification Solution performs multifactor verification with a single user action.
Two-Step Verification Solution requires a secondary action after successful primary login to validate the second factor.
Hardware Free Solution has no additional hardware to buy, carry or replace.
Unlimited Tokens Solution does not limit or charge by the number of tokens used by each user.
Automatic Solution improves user experience and reduces productivity losses by automating detection of the possession factor
Persistent Solution continuously monitors for the presence of the user to reduce session-based attacks
Proximity Solution is capable of locking workstation if user leaves the area
TransCode Our Patent-pending authentication technology that further reduces user friction and eliminates account enumeration attacks
TransCrypt Go beyond full disk encryption with files that encrypt when the user is not present
Credential Management Solution is capable of securely generating and storing static passwords
Credential Sharing Solution allows users to securely share passwords with each other
Password Self-Service Solution allows users to securely recover locked accounts or forgotten passwords.
Offline Support Solution allows users to securely recover locked accounts or forgotten passwords.
Login Speed Solution allows users to securely recover locked accounts or forgotten passwords. 2 sec 20 sec 10 sec 15 sec 20 sec

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