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Sometimes who and why are as important as what.

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Our Story

We started with an idea in 2010:

No one likes these fobs we all carry around.  Why can’t we use phones to automate the process instead? 

After some positive feedback on early prototypes, TransAuth LLC was legally formed in 2012, and began work on what would become our current platform.

Self-funded from inception, we value our unparalleled agility when it comes to the direction of our platform and business relationships.

We believe a dedicated group of motivated visionaries is capable of changing the way the world thinks about access security, and we are hard at work to prove it.

Company Info

We envision a world in which machines seamlessly assert and protect our identity and valuable resources.  Intelligence of design and clarity of purpose will result in something elegant enough for every user, with the quiet sophistication to prevent undesired results.

Our goal is to build smart, secure solutions that minimize the loss of time and effort.  We question every effort and gesture required to build a process that is at the apex of security and efficiency.

We are committed to the sanctity of personal and organizational security and privacy.  TransAuth will never use, share or sell data resulting from the use of our platform.

While we are very proud of our self-funded status, we may be considering strategic partnerships in the near future to help accelerate growth.

Qualified parties may fill out the form below to express interest.

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Transparent Access Control

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A unique combination of proven technologies and innovations that can solve almost any access control challenge.

Our Core Team

  • Andrew Carlson
    Andrew Carlson Principal Founder

    Andrew has been working in IT since 1998 in a range of roles from endpoint support to network and solutions architecture.  His background in music and performance contributed to a creative approach to solution design for his clients. As a senior security consultant with one of the largest privately-held Security Solutions VARs in the US, he has worked with a broad array of clients from SMB to Fortune 50 corporations, government agencies, and Gartner-leading vendors.  His experience and keen ear for client needs helped him become a trusted adviser for many organizations.

  • Rameshwar Saran
    Rameshwar Saran Principal Solutions Architect

    Rameshwar has worked as member of Software Architecture Review Boards of several internationally known companies working in the field of Software Development. He has over 35 years of professional experience including as Manager Research and Development General Electric Company. His recent assignments have been in the role of Architect with companies such as Phoenix Technologies Ltd, GuardianEdge (Symantec), TriCipher (VMWare) etc. In 2008 the product on which he worked won Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New’ award, considered one of the 50 most important technological software breakthroughs.

  • Shakti Saran
    Shakti Saran Principal Solutions Engineer

    Shakti has extensive experience in developing, implementing and managing business critical IT solutions. His work experience spans small to large companies in USA and India where he has done critical technical work and received high recognition and awards. He has been doing a variety of complex IT Security work for around fifteen years. He has received a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA where he has earned top grades. He has attended week long IT Security courses by the SANS Institute and a physics course on electronics at Harvard University.

  • Mithilesh Pandey
    Mithilesh Pandey Principal Developer

    Our core team member Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Pandey has been working with TransAuth for several years on a variety of high-security applications that run on Windows and Linux. His expertise includes a growing variety of complex server, web and desktop applications development. His aptitude and fresh perspective have helped anchor a number of areas of core product functionality.

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