Being There

Intelligent device proximity awareness frustrates attackers, not users.


More Than MFA

Single Sign On, Credential Management and Endpoint protection make life easier for you and harder for your adversaries.


Always Aware

Persistent verification can monitor user presence in real time, and react accordingly. We got your back.
A Zero-Sum Game?

A Zero-Sum Game?

It is often said that security and convenience are opposite one another.

We have a different idea.

Do Less. Secure More.

Do Less. Secure More.

Next Generation Authentication improves security and user experience.

At the same time.

Next Generation Authentication

The future of authentication is here.  A powerful combination of proven technologies results in
a fast, flexible and low friction that makes life easier for organizations and users.

Multifactor Authentication

Stop weak or stolen passwords from leading to unauthorized access with MFA.

Credential Management

Passwords are not going away anytime soon. Generate, store, share and use them securely.

Single Sign On

Streamline account management and access by unifying access under one highly secured identity.

Endpoint Protection

Protect access to workstations, servers and key infrastructure with a single, elegant solution.

Think Differently With Us

We are building a world in which automation can improve both security and user experience
at the same time, with an array of flexible approaches to allow additional protection
where it once seemed impractical.

Select from a wide variety of authentication options to fit every use case from internal users on managed devices to external customers who only need to be verified once (and everything in between)
Persistent awareness of user presence helps stop session-based attacks and allows broader, deeper protection of hosts and sensitive data. No other solution can respond when you walk away.
Most authentication solutions only protect a limited set of resources. TransAuth keeps going to protect users, machines, applications, services, and more.
Our flagship approach eliminates the need for users to manually prove possession of a device, saving time, effort and frustration. Its almost like using nothing at all!

Seeing is Believing

Sometimes words aren’t enough.  This quick video
outlines a few key differences between TransAuth and
other solutions.

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